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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 34

Dear Bobbie

Well, an unexpected addition to the family this week. Daddy Deano got a puppy. It still whinges at the moment, but we’re training it up so that she’s well behaved by the time you arrive!!

I’m sure you’ll love her – and it’ll be nice that you grow up together.

Can’t wait for her to meet you.

Love me

Week 33

Dear Bobbie

A huge event this week - We finally settled on names – at least for now!

I went to many doctors appointments this week, and we may just have a place to birth. Though I’m not getting too excited just yet. Both doctors said you are already engaged – I hope you stay that way – not too much turning and twisting okay Bobbie?

Not long to go now.

Love me.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aunty Kate

Congratulations on your new job!!!!

Woohoo for the security pass!!!


I received an email at work today with pictures of a gorgeous little deer born premature by emergency caesarean after its mother was seriously injured.

As the email said -

“This is just beautiful. The premature deer is nature at her best. Deer are very tricky and when too little like this, difficult to save. But this little guy has spirit. He’s an extremely feisty little boy and quite pushy”

They called him Rupert.

Isn’t this amazing just how “perfect” he is, long before it was time to be born? Just like Bobbie I think!

Week 32

Dear Bobbie,

This week went past so far it was a bit of a blur. I can't believe it's less than 8 weeks... I know I say that every week - but the time is just going so fast!!!

Everyone is getting very excited, especially your Nanma-grammy-J'Dogga!

Daddy Deano and I went to Melbourne for the weekend and stayed with Aunty Kate and Uncle Banj. We had lunch with crazy Aunty Shell and Maz. Was loads of fun! Can't wait for you to meet all your Aunties and Grandparents!!!!

Love me.