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Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 38

Dear Bobbie,

It's so soon, and so unknown! The doc doesn't think you'll wait two weeks and with the pressure I'm feeling I don't think so either.

I finish work next week - I can finally get things organised here for when you come. I have had such a busy week, your Aunty Jen even came to visit. Tonight we have your Uncle Terry's 21st out at the farm - so lets hope you don't decide to come whilst we're out of town!

Not long.

Love me.

Flip has a bath

Just practising for when Bobbie comes along

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It wasn't our smartest idea - going down the coast two weeks before bub is due - especially considering the cramps I've been having, but it all worked out fine and it was just the break we needed.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


All the websites are telling me that increased Braxton Hicks indicates labour isn't far away. In relation to 40 weeks of labour they could mean 4 weeks... They could mean 2 days.... I'm still in the exciting stage of waiting... But the cramps are coming ALL the TIME!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week 37

Dear Bobbie,

Wow - only three weeks to go. Daddy Dean and I are heading down the coast this weekend - so this weekend would not be the best time to come!! :-D

Everything has been so wonderful during the pregnancy and continues to be - everyone is getting so excited.
Love Me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting things ready...

Little gifts off my family that make getting everything ready so much fun!! Handmade Beanie from Nanma-Grammy.

Birth Plan

Now that we have the all clear for QBN, Dean and I have created our birth plan. It was fun discussing options from atmosphere and relaxation methods to vaccinations and umbilical cords. Our CalmBirth classes taught us about all options of pain management and the benefits of natural birth stood out for us.

We’ve elected for a quiet, personal water birth if things progress normally. Daddy Deano wants to cut the umbilical cord – which surprised me. I’m looking forward to immediate skin-to-skin contact and bonding as a little family. If everything goes well, we hope to call for visitors the next day so Bobbie can meet the extended family.

Of course we prepare and imagine a calm, personal birth – but have to keep an open mind.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A belated entry

Our table has been finished for quite a while – I have not got around to updating.

Dean did such a great job on the cushions!!! I love it!!!

Note the flowers from Deano.

Week 36

Dear Bobbie

Its July – hopefully the month you’ll be born. If you are you’ll share your birthday month with Aunty Kahla, Uncle Terry, Great Unc Marty and your Grammy-Nanma-J-Dog. A big month but we’ll be looking forward to you joining the festivities!

Your room is coming along and the bags are slowing getting packed. It was nice to have a weekend with your grandparents – they came for a visit which was fantastic. I started getting stronger “practice cramps” and mum was stay a little longer – but not to be. I think you’re staying in there to keep warm!

Meet you soon.

Love Me.

Decision handed down

We finally have been given the all clear to birth at Queanbeyan. It was such a relief to have a decision – and a great one at that! Daddy Deano and I can now really start preparing for the calm and natural birth we’ve been talking about.

My wonderful GP/OB has worked hard, organising cardiac and fluid monitoring alternatives as a precaution. I’ve had advice and help from independent midwives and doulas and support from Dean and my family – and now it is so exciting to be getting closer and closer. Given Bobbie comes within nine days of my due date, (one stipulation from Dr Azoury) I’m looking forward to, and hoping for, a normal, natural birth.

It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders as soon as Dr Azoury said I could birth at Queanbeyan. (Although he also said if things didn’t go to plan he’d have to retire!!). I knew Deano could sense the relief and happiness – and I could tell he was excited the wait was over – and we’d been given a decision. I can’t wait to experience labour and the birthing process.

Missing in Action

Jen, my doula, has gone on holidays this week. She doesn’t get back til 20 July so fingers crossed (or legs crossed rather) that Bobbie hangs on for another few weeks.


Our little addition.


Mastiff x Dane, 16 weeks

Week 35

Dear Bobbie

Work has been so busy - I've been supervising for a while now - and it's only been recently that I've thought about starting to take it easy before you come. You've been such a nice little bundle to carry around that it's been easy to keep working. I'm going to miss the cool, crazy cats I work with - but I have to put you first.

Daddy Deano has been busy hunting - getting in a few nights before you come along.

Everybody is waiting - placing their bets for your arrival. Still a little while yet.

Love me.